What Women Know, And What They Want To Know About Their Fertility Status

There: What Women Know

Despite the many BBT charting apps and some BBT monitors, and despite the urine analyzing (or the saliva testing) products on the market, here is a fundamental fact:

There is no device in the marketplace today that would tell you, in plain English, “today is your fertile day 1” – meaning that sex today is likely to lead to pregnancy.  And from our clinical trial results you will know that the pregnancy conceived on this first of the fertile days is likely to be a male fetus, a boy. There is no device out there that would detect (not just guess at) ovulation, which will enable you to try to conceive a girl, if that is what you wish for.

There is no such device on the market that would subsequently confirm the pregnancy within a day or two – when, after ovulation on fertile day 3, you or rather your Ovulona device for you – will no longer register the usual follicular waves. Your Ovulona device will interpret that as pregnancy detected, because that is how the biology works.

There is no device out there that would identify the only 3 days in each menstrual cycle during which – and only during which – pregnancy can result from insemination, whether natural or artificial. The commercially available fertility monitors cannot detect either delayed ovulation (which happens due to stress) or when ovulation does not occur at all. Because they do not detect ovulation, they just guess at it.

Because the currently marketed fertility monitors (ovulation predictors) cannot detect ovulation, they merely assume its occurrence due to the particular hormonal marker-predictor of their choice (usually LH, in some cases estrogen, in one case both). But no single hormone, even if it were detected with the accuracy of laboratory methods, determines the fertile window. It’s much more involved than that.

For more on this, go to The post on The Fallacy of Ovulation Calculators, Calendars and Circulating Hormone Detectors at   https://biozhena.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/the-fallacy-of-ovulation-calculators-calendars-and-circulating-hormone-detectors/

Here: What Women Want To Know

Only scarcity of funds keeps us from marketing a device doing all those things not available today.

Our personal self-diagnostic device, the Ovulona™, will tell the woman user in plain English (or any other language) whether today is one of the three days when she can become pregnant.


Ovulona - single slide 3-day fertile window

How? We’ll have the woman monitor at home the process that causes menstrual cycles and is fundamental to women’s health (folliculogenesis). The use of the Ovulona device is very simple, just like a tampon, except that it is inserted for only a few seconds (about 20) to obtain the result, with an instant display of the result.

The Smart Ovulona will display the results electronically interpreted, presented in plain language such as FERTILE DAY 1 while the raw data is stored within the device for optional use by healthcare professionals.

Primary use is for personal reproductive management – that is aiding the achievement of pregnancy, and also aiding fertility-awareness based non-invasive birth control.

But there is much more, including an automatic screening for cervical cancer, management of PMS/PMDD and management of hormone therapy, to name just a few of the applications that will come with the core technology.

We show below the working of the prototyped product using the graphs of the measurement results plotted against the days of the menstrual cycle – and compared with the woman’s basal body temperature for reference. The graphs of the measurement data produce cyclic profiles descriptive of the nuances of the monitored menstrual cycles. None of the old techniques can do that.

These cyclic profiles have important characteristics:

1. The menstrual cyclic profile has numerous repeatable features. It is an electronic signature of the menstrual cycle, which is the female 5th vital sign.

2. The range of measurement values is the same in different cycles and, importantly, also in different women.

3. The profile features are interpretable, and are due to the biological process that causes the menstrual cycle phenomena (folliculogenesis).

The significance of these menstrual cycle profiles goes beyond reproductive management.

To wit: Ours is a unique and disruptive technology.

https://biozhena.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/biozhena-corp-single-slide-3-day-window.pps Click the link or the image for a better view – an animated slide.

Fertile window for birth control

Fertile window for birth control

For a better insight, visit the other posts on this blog [https://biozhena.wordpress.com/ ], and check out http://www.linkedin.com/in/vaclavkirsner.

Before you go, see this, to get some sense of what is going on here:  https://biozhena.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/wealth-of-information-in-menstrual-profile-signature.jpg The link opens a larger version of the slide snapshot image.

Better still, click the next link for the animated and narrated slide:  https://biozhena.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/single-slide-narrated-best-wealth-of-info-in-menstrual-cycle-profile-signature.pps


Note the planned use of the follicular waves for early pregnancy detection (the waves disappear; the right term for this is “instant pregnancy detection”), and monitoring for early pregnancy loss (in that unfortunate eventuality, the waves come back; it is advisable – by certain recent medical findings – that the couple should not delay trying to conceive again).

Refer to the following for more about said recent findings: original medical publication in BMJ http://to.ly/9WtG; BMJ editorial comment http://to.ly/9WtI; CNN.com article “Miscarriage? Try again ASAP, study suggests” http://ht.ly/2mlwb; bioZhena’s post http://to.ly/802p “Instant detection of pregnancy and of Early Pregnancy Loss, EPL – the adversary of Trying To Conceive, TTC – especially after age 25”.


A party with an interest relevant to bioZhena Corporation can be provided with more confidential information upon request (email: vaclav@biozhena.com).

Visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/vaclavkirsner/ .

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