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I am the inventor and developer of tissue-biosensing of folliculogenesis in vivo, and a longtime biomedical entrepreneur. You can see my face, as it was some years ago, at . You will also see that the Zhena after the lower case bio means Woman. (The Zh sounds like the j in bonjour [“bohn-zhur”]!)

I am committed to commercialization of the Folliculogenesis In Vivo™ ovulographic™ (cervical tissue sensing) technology.

What for: Non-interventional hormone-free reproductive management (i.e. sex life management) for women’s self-help made perfect. Perfect because the daily fertility status is based on simple monitoring of the menstrual cycle vital sign profile, recorded for doctors & insurance payers – for evidence-based decision making when needed.

A diagnostic and self-care breakthrough. Because women need ovulation for perfect health (to generate the needed hormones, which the hormonal contraceptives suppress); and the fertility status is about the timing of ovulation.

In a nutshell:

The timing of ovulation & of fertile window is crucial for women’s health – and the bioZhena’s eHealth Fertility Awareness technique (Fertility In Vivo™, FIV™) tells to the woman-user the only 3 fertile days in every one of her variable menstrual cycles (the variability seen and explained in four PDF slides).

See quick illustration of the innovation in this (animated teaser) GIF image:

Timing Is Everything 6 pics - giphy


For an alternative -not even a little lighthearted- GIF summary, see this (GIF stops after 3 cycles):


For better legibility, right click on the image – a larger version will cycle through the 6 frames 3-times and stop at the last one – as does this GIF. (To return here if you left-clicked to enlarge the image, use the left arrow in the upper left in the address bar.)


Here is now a more formal presentation:

Tweetroducing bioZhena in 8 slides ee191029Tweetroducing bioZhena in 8 slides


I am thinking: Evidence-based medicine, Personalized medicine, eHealth, Self-care.

Taking this well beyond

and beyond .

Monitoring the menstrual cycle ovulographic™ signatures will be essential for patient profiling with which to manage women’s frequent menstrual and fertility, reproductive and general health problems. (Illustrated in a single animated slide. Click for it.)

The menstrual cyclic profiles, recorded at home, are descriptive of reproductive cycling and relate to a woman’s well-being – somewhat similar to (though not as “granular” as) how EKG recordings pertain to the health of the heart.

See the wealth of information in the menstrual cycle profile (the PDF of the 4 slides is best viewed in Firefox browser): . Or just view the animated PPS slides (this version does not have the sticky notes with further pertinent info, and it cannot be printed).


And so now, after the “What for” and “I am thinking” confession and after the more formal presentation, quickly for the rest of the (personal) story.

There was a period of privately (personally) financed R&D before I founded bioZhena Corporation, and not without expenditures including blood, sweat and tears… which was not much different from the experience with my predecessor company, CTI (Conception Technology Inc).

I had started CTI with my own funds (voluntary severance from Wellcome Foundation Ltd. plus 100% profit from house sale near London when they completed the orbital motorway whereupon home appraisals in villages within reasonably easy reach shot up, like ours did). We had started the biomedical technology project some years prior, out of the need to overcome the surprising difficulty to conceive a pregnancy.

A son and a daughter proved that “sterile marriage” was a wrong diagnosis and that “the right time” was a key concept in female reproductive management. Really *key* in baby-making practice, and – if you think and learn about it – due to the chronobiological aspects of women’s (not only reproductive) health! You might see about this under “Biological rhythms and chronobiology” in the Alphabet of bioZhena , 2007 edition. (Re: my “eukairosic” labeling of an aspect – initially the key aspect – of the bioZhena medtech.)

I acquired experience with Private Placement Memorandum Offering (PPM, reg D) and private investing by non-accredited investors in Colorado (USA). Prior to this, I was for a decade Senior Research Scientist at the big-pharma firm Wellcome Foundation Ltd. (Glaxo-Wellcome, now GSK) in pharmaceutical bio-electrochemistry exploratory research; and before that a Research Fellow investigating electro-acupuncture at the City University of London, UK.

After the 5 mostly bootstrapping years with CTI, I realized that I was the inventor of tissue-biosensing of folliculogenesis in vivo – meaning the significantly broader applicability of the technology. Earlier, we simply had a superior technique of predicting and also uniquely detecting ovulation, which was not understood by professional investors in those years before fertility problems became a medialized hot topic.

Our many private placement subscribers – private investors, mostly women – could see the superiority in the performance data. But trying to emulate the penny stock financing in the 1990s, by modeling (per a mentor’s guidance) on the 1960s success of the local predecessor of Teledyne Waterpik, was a bad mistake as it turned out. A too slowly raised approx. million plus dollars was not enough to launch the core product, but the vision (of monies to be made) did attract some characters – to say the least… We learn from mistakes…

I was raised and educated initially in Prague (Praha) when it was still the  capital of Czechoslovakia (now it’s the Czech Republic and Slovakia, after a peaceful split). Having managed to get away from the then communist regime, I did my postgraduate work in the UK (PhD). Afterward, I was a postdoc in USA (Colorado) and in London.

I embarked on my entrepreneurial career after ten stimulating years in exploratory research at the said big pharmaceutical company in the UK, and I emigrated with the venture and my young family to the US – kind of per Greeley’s dictum “Go West, Young Man”.

See my and bioZhena Corporation’s mission at — and for her physicians. Do peruse this document if you are seriously interested in the project. Or in the subject matter.

For the Assumptions of Our Minimum Viable Product Scenario go to .

But of course my purpose and ambition is really along the lines of the Full Value Scenario. The plan:

bioZhena Corporation is pre-revenue, looking for the right investor. And I seek the right EVP/COO – hopefully prospective successor CEO. Seeking for the role a person I will be able to rely on, and seeking other CXO caliber people.

In the bioZhena Executive Summary you’d see under Team several lines reading “TBD or [a person’s name]” with links to their bios. Not yet listed, bioZhena’s CFO should be experienced with things such as reverse merger into a publicly traded company, and naturally with other ways of raising capital. And a well-matched CMO, and CTO.  Successor CEO (since I’ve aged with the project) from within the management team… Some serious seeks!

Contact data: Email: vaclav AT biozhena DOT com .
Tel.: 970-484-1272 (please email to schedule the call, send your info). That is, provided that the above (including or starting with the Tweetroducing slide deck) resonates with you. In that case, so long, till we talk…

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