Mode of operation of the Ovulona™ – and of the prospective Halo™ cervical ring

This page is PRIVATE. Any interested party will have to receive the MO information by requesting it via email addressed to:  vaclav at biozhena dot com

Meanwhile, peruse the set of 11 mostly narrated slides by clicking the link below the image (slides take a few moments to open) re: bioZhena’s Folliculogenesis In Vivo™ cyclic profile [FIV™].

Menstrual cyclic profiles for women’s doctors –

like EKG for the doctors caring for the heart.

What is folliculogenesis - like EKG

11 mostly narrated slides 2019 – Transforming Reproductive Health Management

Please review the slides and the contents of the pages listed in the right margin before inquiring into the MO.

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