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Hello world!

November 27, 2007

This was originally said to be an alternative or introductory About. But, really: Written as a post when getting into this blogging, getting the hang of it here… Thank you to (Notice how I have not corrected the automatically provided default title of this first post! It misses the comma, and never mind that the omission is the order of the day, some kind of a modernism. Hey you there!)

Please do visit the About page, for a more informative introduction to bioZhena. And don’t overlook the clickable Table of Contents, provided for readers’ convenience.

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In one brief sentence: We have invented the new technology of ovulography™, fundamental to women’s health and lifestyle.

We have a personal fertility status monitor for home use by women, and a data management system for physicians who can receive the folliculogenesis data from their patients.

Our personal self-diagnostic device, the Ovulona™, tells the woman in plain English whether today is one of the three days that she can become pregnant.

How? We monitor the process that causes menstrual cycles and is fundamental to women’s health. Primary use is for reproductive management: birth control and aiding the achievement of pregnancy. Pregnancy will be automatically detected within a day or two – not two weeks at additional cost and dubious reliability.

But there is much more, including an automatic screening for cervical cancer and other STDs (cervical tissue aberration), management of PMS/PMDD and management of hormone therapy, to name just a few uses that come with the core technology.

To wit: Ours is a unique and disruptive technology.

Only this Ovulona device can provide to the woman at home the interpreted fertile status results in plain language for an immediate use, and provide data of unequaled accuracy. This is why ours is the only diagnostic tool that can be used for birth control.

Only our technology can perform an automatic cervical cancer screen in the background, free of anxiety, discomfort and high cost (as associated with the Pap smear). We also plan to incorporate a therapeutic function into the Ovulona device. All this will add to the consumer appeal of our core product line, already well documented.

bioZhena is a medical consumer electronic technology developer, with a significant intellectual property. We plan on having a marketable product ready within 7 months of funding, and profitability within 2 years. Another version of the business plan is more conservative: 16 months and 33 months, respectively.  Adequate funding is referenced here… (and it’s not an exorbitant amount because the first launched product will provide funds for the other applications’ testing and straightforward additional programming).

Ovulography™ also referred to as FOLLICULOGENESIS IN VIVO™ or FIV™

The contact email in the last slide needs correction:

Friendly Technology

Friendly Technology

Click on the image to view a short set of mostly narrated slides produced in December 2016

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