We Pitch the bioZhena Investment Opportunity

Amount sought $2,500,000.

The $2.5M corresponds to Founder’s estimated personal investment. The bioZhena PPM is for $6M in three tranches of $2M each, so $2.5M is a sensibly overstated amount of the first tranche.


bioZhena is bringing women’s reproductive self-management into the 21st century. And helping women’s healthcare providers and payers to better help their patients. Payers will better asses, with the physicians, female patients’ ob and gyne cases.


See what a lady obstetrician-gynecologist said about our menstrual cycle monitoring at home – and that was before miniaturization of the clinical study prototype.

Click here to Launch Video. And then view and listen to these few slides.

Investor: Please email vaclav@biozhena.com to request the bioZhena Private Placement Memorandum/Business Plan.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

NOTE: bioZhena has chosen not to include an NDA at this time, however they respectfully request that you use discretion when receiving this information and keep private any information you are about to receive.


Vaclav Kirsner, Ph.D.

bioZhena Corporation

Colorado 80535, USA

Email: vaclav@biozhena.com

Phone: +1 970 484 1272

Skype: vaclavkirsner

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