What of women’s fertility and ovulation IQ?

Most people’s women’s health and fertility IQ is pitiful.

No wonder, therefore, that we at bioZhena have to hear the “wisdom” that the conception-aiding (subfertility) market is saturated with ovulation tests. Of course it is. The unsatisfied market is full of revenue-generating pulling-the-wool-over-her-eyes stuff, which is not even able to work for pregnancy avoidance… Which it would have to be able to do if it were a real solution.

Well, see this PPS slide for further particulars – click on the image. Pause and hover over the links in the slide for critical comments. Pause and resume using button in lower left of the pps slide.


Those certain captains of the industry come up with their nay-saying while our menstrual-cycle cervix monitor offers itself as a superior, i.e. definitive, tool for the conception-aiding application. With an FDA 510k clearance, the app is the low-hanging fruit yield of a biotechnological breakthrough, a technology with numerous significant and unprecedented women’s healthcare applications.

Unlike our Ovulona device, the various commercially available (though not necessarily commercially successful) ovulation predictors do not work with the menstrual cycle as a vital sign. This is particularly incongruous in the case of the recently introduced IT adaptations of one or another of the approaches of yesteryear.

Amazingly inapt is the project whereby the modification for the era of smart phones involves the aged method of exploring a multitude of physiologic variables in the hope that synergistically they may produce the desired diagnostic indication. Variables such as resting pulse rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, etc. (collecting data continuously throughout the night). As though a combined effect of several more or less vital signs is expected to do better at estimating the menstrual cycle vital sign or rather its key elements such as particularly ovulation.

Put that approach in contrast with our direct monitoring of the menstrual cycle vital sign. Then consider that the future symptometry using the Ovulona data by means of the Ovulograph™ could involve some of the physiological parameters when studying a particular medical condition or problem – if the said additional variable is pertinent to the given health problem under investigation. Correlating symptoms with folliculogenesis is a different proposition.

For an investor, the FDA-cleared first app of the Ovulona is simply the fastest route to revenues and profitability. But the intelligence quotient in certain quarters apparently causes blindness to this, and to the big picture.

You, my dear reader who is not obtuse, can easily recognize the superiority in the menstrual cycle signature captured by the Ovulona™ from bioZhena. Click on this animated slide link https://lnkd.in/eytTQer to see, and to take in better, the signature of the menstrual cycle such as is not provided by anyone else.

The features of the cyclic profile (or signature) have well defined physiological meaning as well as practical use at home. You can also click on the image of the slide – and understand that “TRY” is a very important key word in the illustration:

Ovulona - single slide 3-day fertile window

For the physiological meaning of the features of the menstrual cyclic profile, click on this link to a narrated slide explaining the features.

If you are medically or scientifically minded, do not skip the link to the Ovulona device page, which goes as far as to give you the elucidation of the dominant follicle maturation peak, the long-term predictive peak anticipating ovulation. Important because the rate of maturation of the dominant follicle controls the length of the menstrual cycle, at least in the case of normal healthy cycles…

Alternatively, to just view without having to listen to the narrator, go to peruse a short animated set of slides that provide a broader perspective, the big picture: https://biozhena.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/menstrual-cycle-profile-signature-5-slides.pps . You can also get to the 5 slides by clicking on the following image of one of them.

Applications on white background

For a bit broader treatment of the topic of women’s health IQ (Intelligence Quotient), please read “Reproductive Health IQ Does Matter” at  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/reproductive-health-iq-does-matter-vaclav-kirsner-phd .

Explore the bioZhena’s Weblog for further information. You can use the Table of Contents = links to bioZhena posts .

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  1. Mike IQ Says:

    Great, the first times I reading about women’s fertility and ovulation IQ.

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