Our mission is to commercialize a product that practically every woman will want to use. Because most every woman wants to know her fertile status, her menstrual cycle, her cervical health. And will want to have her menstrual cycle  and cervical health data available for her physician when needed.

  • We provide for that.

Basic self-care – from late teenage to menopause. Not available today despite the various conception-aiding products on the market – do see What Women Know And What They Want To Know About Their Fertility Status .

While we’ll obviously launch first the FDA-cleared conception-aiding application, many women have told us that they would switch from their current contraception method when our monitor becomes available.

  • Actually, there is even more to it:

Not just for achieving pregnancy and not just for avoiding pregnancy. Our core product, the Ovulona™ monitor, is the core of a new women’s healthcare diagnostic technology platform.

bioZhena’s technology is bound to revolutionize women’s healthcare with diagnostic tools for women and for their doctors & payers.

Ovulona - single slide 3-day fertile window

Click on the image (or here) to view the slide showing how the menstrual cyclic profile defines the daily fertility status, and how it relates to the basal body temperature (BBT) of the woman.

The 3-day fertile window is clearly detected by the monthly signature profile generated by the Ovulona™ and translated electronically into indications FERTILE DAY 1, FERTILE DAY 2, FERTILE DAY 3 = OVULATION.

And yes, it is those 3 days – click here for why.

The woman of the 21st century is envisaged to become accustomed to using her daily fertility (menstrual cycle) self-check about as routinely as she is using her toothbrush. Because most women’s cycles vary from one cycle to the next and so does also the ovulation day.

Ovulona & Ovulograph w. links - Friendly Tech

Click the image for better legibility and animation

(Slide takes a few moments to open.)

Menstrual cycle profile records (Folliculogenesis-In-Vivo records) for better diagnosis – much like the ECGs for heart doctors – but not as “granular”.

Essential for correct timing of procedures and tests.

The menstrual cyclic profiles are periodically recurring signatures of the 5th vital sign of female patients – diagnostically meaningful and useful especially when correlated with symptometric data (such as charted quantified symptoms enabling differential diagnosis). 

The important advantage is that the cyclic profile records – plus the cervical health testing – will be done in the comfort of the home and at a very affordable cost.


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