Aspirin, NSAID a birth-control medication?

… to avoid the iatrogenic consequences of interventional contraception (hormonal or surgical).

You might be aware of the myths about menstrual suppression and perhaps also of “the opposing information you ought to know.” That experiencing your monthly cycle of ovulation and menstruation is important and good for your health, that it boosts bone, heart, and breast health; that “not everything about your period has to be viewed as bad.”

So, if suppressing the normal menstrual cycle with the artificial hormones of the Pill is in doubt, to say the least, it’s reasonable to pose the question.

Could aspirin (or another anti-inflammatory medication) be a contraceptive drug?

Quite likely, contingent on further investigation. But if so, then its efficacy would require RIGHT TIMING of the acute NSAID administration for the anti-inflammatory anti-ovulation effect. (Note: Acute, not chronic, not long-term use – therefore safe.)

Determination of the right time within the menstrual cycle (detecting the different phases of folliculogenesis) is inherent in our cervical monitoring of the menstrual cycle, as captured in the image and the animated slide below.

Wealth of information in menstrual profile signatureClick on the image for better legibility (a PPS slide)

The biomedical underpinning of achieving this rests in monitoring the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Gonad (HPG) Feedback Loop – that is the brain-ovary interactions – as indicated in the next image and slide.

HPG slide 4 screen shot from 5 slide showClick on the image for better legibility and 2 clickable links

Monitoring the details of the menstrual cycle vital sign is very useful. One of the benefits is the ability to detect the right time for the NSAID administration to inhibit ovulation.

The advantage of NSAID [Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug] over sex steroid hormone contraception: Avoiding the endocrine disruption and other bad effects of the hormonal contraceptives. The NSAID taken only acutely – just before ovulation that’s to be inhibited – would not present the common problem of chronic NSAID use (which is harmful to the stomach especially if not taken with food).

The likely right time is indicated as Point P here:

Hormone Profile Point P composite & tweetRight-click on the image for better legibility

This was the tweet (seen in the image) on July 11, 2015: 2 re: Avoid take @ Point P

If nothing else, do click on the hashtag to get a feel for the extent of the Essure problems.

My earlier tweet on July 6: of lawsuit: Avoid Better 2use 4

Embedded image permalink

There was also another investigator’s tweet on July 6:

New data on contraceptive FAILURES w/Essure to be published in leading medical journal from Korea

Embedded image permalink
In brief, the concept or working hypothesis is this: Aspirin or another NSAID medication could serve as a backup support for the eFABM [electronic Fertility Awareness Based Method] of Folliculogenesis In Vivo™ developed by bioZhena to avoid the iatrogenic consequences of interventional contraception of any kind (hormonal or surgical).
A safe non-hormonal and non-invasive birth control for the woman who’d want “to make doubly sure” (or if she wanted unprotected sex during the first one or two days of the fertile window).
For some more about the NSAID hypothesis of inhibiting ovulation (which, as you know, is an inflammatory process), read the brief

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